This Is Not Just Any Old House

Little Z has, what feels like, hundreds of toys. They have swiftly taken over each room and I’m pretty sure they are doing that thing from the Gremlins movie where they replicate overnight. In this case, with or without any kind of water. They are just everywhere! Having fun. Getting under feet. Generally causing havoc.

It seems that all the other boring inanimate objects in our house are starting to get jealous and some have succeeded in joining in toddler play. For instance…

This is no ordinary juicing stick. This is now the microphone that Little Z uses to pretend he is Justin from Justin’s House. Each day he “hosts” a show and cheers all his toys. Then gets you to cheer.


And this is no ordinary biscuit tin. This is Little Zs drum that he likes to bang repeatedly all day long whilst shouting “NO DRUMS! NO DRUMS!” (A line Animal from The Muppets movie repeats throughout the film).


And these are not ordinary old formula sticks. These are the drumsticks that Little Z takes from the top kitchen drawer each morning whilst I wash his bottles. He can’t actually see what he’s grabbing because its slightly too high for him. But he manages to find them in the end. Then everything becomes a drum.


This is no ordinary old Christmas card lying around the house. This is the cream pie that Little Z uses to put in people’s faces. Just like Justin does in Justin’s House. Everyone helpfully gets a “1! 2! 3!” countdown so they know its coming. Then he makes you do it to him. Share share.


And this is no ordinary box. This is Little Zs house and car that he makes you squeeze into (with great difficulty). We then drive to lots and lots of houses and even squeeze in a trip to Turkey). We visit friends and cousins and even pop into the shop on Ocassion.


This is not just any old house. This is a toddlers house.

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86 thoughts on “This Is Not Just Any Old House”

  1. He’s adorable! What an imagination! 😀
    M uses an old celebrations box for a drum. It was left in the living room by daddy, so M claimed it.

    Toddlers are hilarious little people! X

  2. Oh, I just love it when kids’ imaginations take hold. Cardboard boxes are a particular favourite in our house along with tubes from wrapping paper and, for my little ‘un, my brightly coloured measuring spoons. When I make a cake I have to find them strewn around the house!

    Gorgeous post, thanks for linking up again to the #mondayclub

  3. What a fabulous post Tas, I especially love the Christmas card pie! Toddler’s imaginations are just great although POD told everyone at nursery she had rats at home the other day! Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

  4. All the #whatsthestory posts seem to be bringing back memories for me, especially yours. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

  5. Little Z sounds like such a character! What a cute post….I love the thought of him doing a Justin show with his ‘microphone’. He’s going to wow them at nursery!

  6. Oh I love this and how gorgeous is Little Z?! I have the ‘no drumming’ line screamed at me quite frequently too and he likes to wail along to Am I A Man or Am I A Muppet? That film’s got a lot to answer for,

  7. It does make you wonder why you bother with toys doesn’t it. That beater thing in your first photo is exactly the same as one my Little Miss has in her treasure basket at the moment and it is her ‘toy’ of choice!

  8. LOL – I love it! Mine basically sits around playing with a calpol syringe and an Indian takeaway leaflet… sometimes things get really exciting when she attempts to put on a swim nappy whist fully clothed… it’s all go in this house! lol :)) x

  9. I love how kids can make a game out of anything. Their imaginations are just unspoiled at that age and they are just so innocent and delightful to be around. My Alice, aged 2 loves roleplay, and picks up my handbag, slings it over her shoulder and tells me that she is going to the shops to buy me some beans, and she tells me a big long yarn about where she is going and what she is doing. They are are precious aren’t they x

  10. Beautiful post. I love the way the littlies reinvent objects as toys, it’s fascinating isn’t it. Your pics are lovely and the card reminded me that we had a musical christmas card that was still being played with last year in September before the batteries finally gave up the ghost!

  11. Oh he is ABSOLUTELY adorable – can’t wait for you to join in with #SaidItSaturday so I can see the sort of things he says – he seeems VERY VERY imaginative with the way he uses household items so no doubt he’ll come out with some crackers.
    Liska xx

  12. Really like this post 🙂 funny how it is the simple things they like the most. Olivia has all sorts of toys yet her favourite things to play with are bowls pans and spoons.

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