Back to the Future

The Other Half and I are big fans of 80’s movies, having grown up in that decade and Back to the Future is an all time favourite. Little Z is a bit young yet to understand what the Back to the Future Alamanac is but I found this iPad cover on the internet and I absolutely needed it straight away. He mostly just watches cartoons on it. It looks good though doesn’t it? One day I am sure he will love the Back to Future trilogy.


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57 Thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. that looks a pretty awesome book xxx

  2. reminds me of Back To The Future 2 !! x

  3. Great photo – he looks enthralled

  4. He looks very intellectual reading his book. It’s nearly as big as he is!

  5. Looks like somer serious “boy” reading!

  6. What a fab photo! He’s so cute mashallah and looks totally engrossed x

  7. Very interesting reading!

  8. That looks like serious stuff.

  9. He’s taking his reading very seriously!

  10. He looks so engrossed x

  11. Important reading happening

  12. Looks like he’s memorising the book and will be testing everyone else soon! Cool shot

  13. Z looks fully engrossed there, lovely capture :)

  14. He looks very engrossed!

  15. That is a cool looking book. Great picture!

  16. That’s so funny. Little Z looks so studious. Is this the start of annuals for Christmas?

  17. Fab photo – he looks like he’s enjoying that!

  18. that’ll keep him busy!

  19. Starting young on sports!

  20. It looks like he may be there some time!
    Brilliant to see a child so engrossed in reading a book ;D

  21. beautiful eyes, looks engrossed! xx

  22. looks like he is enjoying the book xx

  23. What a cracking picture i love the look of concentration :-)

  24. So much concentration!

  25. ha ha. I love it. He looks so engrossed! x

  26. Awww. the concentration! :)

  27. Loads to take in, by the look of it :-)!

  28. Looking so engrossed x

  29. He looks engrossed!

  30. Love the look of concentration! Great photo :)

  31. He looks like he’s enjoying that!

  32. An almanac always reminds me of back to the future! Lol x

  33. I think I know what I’m getting my brother for Christmas….

  34. Oooh, good book! My daughter used to be a Guiness World Record Book-a-holic!

  35. Nikki Thomas on October 6, 2013 at 7:04 pm said:

    That is hilarious! Although I think you need to introduce him to some different, more interesting reading material!

  36. I would actually love that book

  37. He looks really into it! Lovely photo! :) x

  38. Looks like a proper interesting read!!

  39. I’m intrigued by how his face is lit up – is it from the camera flash or is the book even more awesome than it looks?!

  40. Engrossed. Love when kids take interest in reading. Lovely shot xx

  41. I love to see little ones engrossed in books. My girls always used to have a book in their hand. Great capture :-)

  42. Looks like the book is radiating its own light; magic portal maybe?

    Lovely picture.

  43. Shame it can’t tell us the future scores like in Back to the Future 😉 xx

  44. He looks so involved in the book, lovely thing to see.

  45. Do so love seeing kids engrossed in a book!

  46. That book looks huge! He’s concentrating hard though isn’t he?

  47. Mesmerized! 😉 xx

  48. That looks like one massive book! Should keep the little man occupied for a while!!

  49. Must be very interesting judging by the expression!

  50. I love to see children reading and what a read he has there!

  51. He looks so taken by that magazine! X

  52. Someone is busy and totally engrossed!!

  53. what a great picture to kick off childrens book week x

  54. Aww he looks very lost in the book :)

  55. Was it a good book?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  56. Wasn’t there one of these books in Back to the Future?

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