Back to the Future

The Other Half and I are big fans of 80’s movies, having grown up in that decade and Back to the Future is an all time favourite. Little Z is a bit young yet to understand what the Back to the Future Alamanac is but I found this iPad cover on the internet and I absolutely needed it straight away. He mostly just watches cartoons on it. It looks good though doesn’t it? One day I am sure he will love the Back to Future trilogy.


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57 Thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. that looks a pretty awesome book xxx

  2. reminds me of Back To The Future 2 !! x

  3. Great photo – he looks enthralled

  4. He looks very intellectual reading his book. It’s nearly as big as he is!

  5. Looks like somer serious “boy” reading!

  6. AtoZ Mummy on October 6, 2013 at 7:44 am said:

    What a fab photo! He’s so cute mashallah and looks totally engrossed x

  7. Very interesting reading!

  8. That looks like serious stuff.

  9. He’s taking his reading very seriously!

  10. He looks so engrossed x

  11. Important reading happening

  12. Looks like he’s memorising the book and will be testing everyone else soon! Cool shot

  13. Z looks fully engrossed there, lovely capture :)

  14. He looks very engrossed!

  15. That is a cool looking book. Great picture!

  16. That’s so funny. Little Z looks so studious. Is this the start of annuals for Christmas?

  17. Fab photo – he looks like he’s enjoying that!

  18. that’ll keep him busy!

  19. Starting young on sports!

  20. It looks like he may be there some time!
    Brilliant to see a child so engrossed in reading a book ;D

  21. beautiful eyes, looks engrossed! xx

  22. looks like he is enjoying the book xx

  23. What a cracking picture i love the look of concentration :-)

  24. So much concentration!

  25. ha ha. I love it. He looks so engrossed! x

  26. Awww. the concentration! :)

  27. Loads to take in, by the look of it :-)!

  28. Looking so engrossed x

  29. He looks engrossed!

  30. Love the look of concentration! Great photo :)

  31. He looks like he’s enjoying that!

  32. An almanac always reminds me of back to the future! Lol x

  33. Eliza_Do_Lots on October 6, 2013 at 4:32 pm said:

    I think I know what I’m getting my brother for Christmas….

  34. Oooh, good book! My daughter used to be a Guiness World Record Book-a-holic!

  35. Nikki Thomas on October 6, 2013 at 7:04 pm said:

    That is hilarious! Although I think you need to introduce him to some different, more interesting reading material!

  36. I would actually love that book

  37. He looks really into it! Lovely photo! :) x

  38. Looks like a proper interesting read!!

  39. I’m intrigued by how his face is lit up – is it from the camera flash or is the book even more awesome than it looks?!

  40. Engrossed. Love when kids take interest in reading. Lovely shot xx

  41. I love to see little ones engrossed in books. My girls always used to have a book in their hand. Great capture :-)

  42. Looks like the book is radiating its own light; magic portal maybe?

    Lovely picture.

  43. Shame it can’t tell us the future scores like in Back to the Future 😉 xx

  44. He looks so involved in the book, lovely thing to see.

  45. Do so love seeing kids engrossed in a book!

  46. That book looks huge! He’s concentrating hard though isn’t he?

  47. Mesmerized! 😉 xx

  48. That looks like one massive book! Should keep the little man occupied for a while!!

  49. Must be very interesting judging by the expression!

  50. I love to see children reading and what a read he has there!

  51. He looks so taken by that magazine! X

  52. Someone is busy and totally engrossed!!

  53. what a great picture to kick off childrens book week x

  54. Aww he looks very lost in the book :)

  55. Was it a good book?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  56. Wasn’t there one of these books in Back to the Future?

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