73 Thoughts on “Silent Sunday / Project 52 – Week 41

  1. Are they ducks?! You have so many! But they’re very much in a row!

  2. That looks like an OCD developing…very adorable

  3. Lots of little ducks went swimming one day!

  4. That is some duck collection

  5. that is a LOT of little rubber ducks x

  6. How organised getting ‘ducks in a row’ – lovely photo!

  7. Brilliant capture Tas. Thought they were lemon sherberts initially but I’m full of cold so vision rather questionable! Clearly they’re ducks – Z has loads, POD would be so jealous :)

  8. I think you may have an engineer on your hands – very precise!!

  9. Fabulous photo – really interesting angle :)

  10. I initially thought they were lemons! Must get eyes retested lol!

    That is one neat line!

  11. I must admit I initially thought they were bright yellow cornish pasties, but clearly they are ducks. He has loads there.

  12. Wow, that must take some concentration!

  13. Mary @AsturianDiary on October 13, 2013 at 7:59 am said:

    Brilliant photo! And my, what concentration!!

  14. I remember lining things up as a child, and my children doing the same with vehicles and animals…there’s something important about getting them all in a row

  15. How cute, lining them all up!

  16. That’s a lot of ducks in a row!

  17. You are gonna get so tired before the end of this version of 5 little ducks…. 😉

  18. In a perfect line too! :)

  19. Very precise. Defo a little engineer there.

  20. A good-sized collection of rubber duckies there! He seems to take such pleasure from bringing order!

  21. He’s a clever, very organised one! x

  22. haha, how so so cute… Lewis use to do this daily with his cars and trains. Can’t wait till Leah starts this :o)

  23. How sweet and very organised!

  24. What a fabulous picture. Mine like lining things up too!

  25. what a lovely straight line, fab photo xx

  26. Great photo – my little boy loves lining up things too! :) x

  27. Hope there was lots of singing going on too….and mother duck says “quack, quack, quack, quack”! :) x

  28. awww this is so so cute honey x

  29. Beadzoid on October 13, 2013 at 11:00 am said:

    Wow, some good lining up skills there! Impressive :) xx

  30. That’s a perfect line, very cute!

  31. I love the view from above.

  32. Erm.. how many ducks? Ha! Love it!

  33. Ohh very organised x

  34. Brilliant. A perfect visualisation of someone getting their ducks in a row.

  35. Great shot, so cute. He has so many ducks!

  36. Now that’s a lot of ducks!

  37. Nikki Thomas on October 13, 2013 at 6:26 pm said:

    That is an impressive collection of ducks! Love how precise his line is

  38. I wish my children were this easy to keep entertained.

  39. Wowwwweee! That’s a lot of little Ducks in a row. Mads is like this and likes everything all neat and tidy in lines.

  40. Love those ducks, very colourful!

  41. What a great photo – he must have dedication to line all of those ducks up!

  42. how many ducks?

  43. Lot’s and lot’s of Ducks!!!

  44. Love this! :) Great pic. ss

  45. This had me humming ‘two little ducks went swimming one day’! xx

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