73 Thoughts on “Silent Sunday / Project 52 – Week 41

  1. Are they ducks?! You have so many! But they’re very much in a row!

  2. That looks like an OCD developing…very adorable

  3. Lots of little ducks went swimming one day!

  4. That is some duck collection

  5. that is a LOT of little rubber ducks x

  6. How organised getting ‘ducks in a row’ – lovely photo!

  7. Brilliant capture Tas. Thought they were lemon sherberts initially but I’m full of cold so vision rather questionable! Clearly they’re ducks – Z has loads, POD would be so jealous :)

  8. I think you may have an engineer on your hands – very precise!!

  9. Fabulous photo – really interesting angle :)

  10. I initially thought they were lemons! Must get eyes retested lol!

    That is one neat line!

  11. I must admit I initially thought they were bright yellow cornish pasties, but clearly they are ducks. He has loads there.

  12. Wow, that must take some concentration!

  13. Brilliant photo! And my, what concentration!!

  14. I remember lining things up as a child, and my children doing the same with vehicles and animals…there’s something important about getting them all in a row

  15. How cute, lining them all up!

  16. That’s a lot of ducks in a row!

  17. You are gonna get so tired before the end of this version of 5 little ducks…. ;)

  18. In a perfect line too! :)

  19. Very precise. Defo a little engineer there.

  20. A good-sized collection of rubber duckies there! He seems to take such pleasure from bringing order!

  21. He’s a clever, very organised one! x

  22. haha, how so so cute… Lewis use to do this daily with his cars and trains. Can’t wait till Leah starts this :o)

  23. How sweet and very organised!

  24. What a fabulous picture. Mine like lining things up too!

  25. what a lovely straight line, fab photo xx

  26. Great photo – my little boy loves lining up things too! :) x

  27. Hope there was lots of singing going on too….and mother duck says “quack, quack, quack, quack”! :) x

  28. awww this is so so cute honey x

  29. Wow, some good lining up skills there! Impressive :) xx

  30. That’s a perfect line, very cute!

  31. I love the view from above.

  32. Erm.. how many ducks? Ha! Love it!

  33. Ohh very organised x

  34. Brilliant. A perfect visualisation of someone getting their ducks in a row.

  35. Great shot, so cute. He has so many ducks!

  36. Now that’s a lot of ducks!

  37. That is an impressive collection of ducks! Love how precise his line is

  38. I wish my children were this easy to keep entertained.

  39. Wowwwweee! That’s a lot of little Ducks in a row. Mads is like this and likes everything all neat and tidy in lines.

  40. Love those ducks, very colourful!

  41. What a great photo – he must have dedication to line all of those ducks up!

  42. how many ducks?

  43. Lot’s and lot’s of Ducks!!!

  44. Love this! :) Great pic. ss

  45. This had me humming ‘two little ducks went swimming one day’! xx

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