How To Take A Work Call With A Toddler About

Working part time means I have two proper days where Little Z and I do mum and toddler stuff. Sometimes we do exciting things like going to the zoo and pointing at elephants and being impressed by penguins that look like they’re doing acrobatics all day long. And other times we do exciting things like doing jigsaws, going to the supermarket, walking in the park and jumping and splash splashing in puddles even if they are about an inch in depth. Whatever we do, it’s always fun and feels like we’re spending some quality time together.

Recently though office work has taken over some of my days off and weekends. Its proved to be a bit a new challenge trying to balance a professional work call with a bouncy loud toddler running around at lightning speed. I’ve found it gives a whole new meaning to the word “stressed out”

So here is my guide on how to take a work call with a toddler around:

1. See work phone ringing, panic slightly and gesture to toddler to please be quiet for a couple of minutes.

2. Answer call just as toddler, who up to this point was reasonably quiet, start asking loudly “WHO IS IT MUMMY??”

3. Try to concentrate on work matters whilst at the same time keeping an eye of little toddler hurricane causing havoc in living room.

4. Run as quickly and quietly as you can to junk cupboard and offer toddler jelly tots, crisps, biscuit, anything to keep him quiet for a bit.

5. Try to answer shouts of “MUMMY! MUMMY MUMMY” as silently as you can whilst simultaneously answering questions about that report, statistics, IT related thing that needs urgent attention.

6. Try to sneak away to the kitchen so you can hear yourself think (as well the person on the other end of the phone!).

7. Watch in silent horror as toddler, who is normally happy to ignore you, come and glue himself to your leg / demand strawberries / yoghurt / Sarah and Duck.

8. Confess to the person on the other end of the phone that that very loud noise he can hear is your son making the noise of a hoover whilst pushing it around the room.

9. Agree you should replace the batteries in it so that he stops the hoover impressions.

10. Hang up and realise you’ve already forgotten half of what the person said and that you’re going to have to dial back for clarification.

How to take a work call with a toddler about

75 Thoughts on “How To Take A Work Call With A Toddler About

  1. Aaagh! Sounds a nightmare!

  2. Actual lol, so true.

  3. I don’t hand to deal with work calls but hand had to make a few calls to organise doctor’s appointments and stuff and they have been tricky!

  4. That’s how to take any call with my toddler around. Amazing how they realise it’s an opportunity to demand whatever they want. I used to have to dial in for the occasional conference call in the early evening that coincided with CK’s bath time. He used to start stripping and screaming, ‘I’m getting naked, mama.’ Wasn’t one of my finest working moments.

  5. Will you hate me if I tell you it gets worse? When you have two of them, they immediately sense when you are on an important call and start fighting like wild animals so the person on the other end of the call starts asking “are they ok?” Or if you have a potty training toddler, they’ll decide they need to do a poo as soon as your call starts and all the other person will hear is “Mummy, I need a poo, it’s a big one, it’s coming out!”
    E-mail is the best way to communicate!!

  6. Oh my, I can SO relate to this! Too funny!

  7. Hihihi, don’t they all know how to play the card in their favour when need comes?

  8. Been there! They always pay you more attention when you need to be on the phone!

  9. Oh I have been in that situation so many times it is awful xx

  10. Chalk that one up to experience and hit ‘decline’ next time and call them back 😉 #MagicMoments

  11. Doesn’t matter if you are the one making the call or vice versa, as soon as you are on the phone it’s as if the kids think the world is coming to an end and they need you to everything for them at that very moment!

  12. hahaha!! Been there done that…lol

  13. lol lol this is fantastic .. although I have no doubt its not for you stressed out on the other end of the phone!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

  14. oh I can totally relate to this and mine are way past the toddler stage! What a pain you have to work on your days off though :( xxx

  15. I remember those calls all too well – I then found the *mute* button which was great except for when I thought I was on mute but wasn’t and vice versa.

  16. ooh this is very stressful xx

  17. Why is it that they completely ignore you until you need the space and time to do something? I’ve been trying to work all afternoon and my 3 year old has been hanging off me demanding attention. I’ve given up because everyone’s coming in from school, I’ve shopping being delivered and I have to make tea – he’s gone to sleep! 😀

  18. Were you exhausted at the end of that call? xx

  19. Work calls or any important calls seem to set of a special alert signal to all small children… I’ve never heard of a single child able to remain quiet or invisible for the duration of a work call, they are programmed to interfere x

  20. Oh, you have my sympathies – been there, too many times! They have a special radar for anything work related :)

  21. Haha I can totally relate to this only I also have a baby who decides to scream too! I basically cannot even attempt to take any phone calls EVER! x

  22. OMG this made me giggle, it brought back so many memories of working from home when my youngest was little, i lost count of the amount of times I shut myself in the garage to take a call!

  23. Ha ha – i can totally relate to this!! Lesson one though – never tell a toddler to be quiet, it has the opposite effect.

    Great post :)

  24. I feel your pain! was interviewed live on local radio and prayed that my son would be quiet.. just managed it!

  25. Can I advise Step 11, ask them to confirm details of conversation in an email 😉 xx

  26. Hilarious post Tas! It’s the worst thing in the world when you need to take an important call. They always shout something inappropriate, make a lot of noise or cry. POD’s favourite is “Mummy don’t tell me to shhhh” if Daddy’s on the phone.

  27. So true – completely recognise that! Have pinned onto my parenting board – Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  28. LOL so very true! Why is it they can be as good as gold then the phone rings and they turn into a monster!

  29. Very funny and totally relate. So hard juggling with little ones. Thank goodness for Cbeebies but of course, they are never interested when you need to focus on a work call!

  30. Ha ha love these fab but very realistic tips x before now I have had to run into the bathroom to hide x kids always seem to get louder when you need to make or answer that important call x fab post x

  31. You’re brave for even taking a call around a toddler! What I don’t understand is why they want to act like maniacs the minute you answer a call. Brilliant post!

  32. Oh yes. I know that feeling. I have two words that may help:


  33. Sounds stressful! U can’t even manage a personal call with Bob in the same room.. x x

  34. If I ask Little A to be quiet if I am indisposed she usually retorts with ‘no mummy, you be quiet.’ X

  35. Oooops! Hats off to you that you get any work done at all.

  36. Ha ha! Sounds very familiar. Thanks for linking up to our Parenting Pin-it Party.

  37. Totally love it – and so agree with everything, and I am afraid it doesn’t stop after they get beyond the toddler years either…my two still don’t get the mummy on the phone means the volume needs to go down! Am popping over from the Pinterest Party – KiddyCharts on there 😀

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