Christy Bed Linen – A Review of some beautiful bedding

When I was asked if I’d like to review Christy bed linen I didn’t really appreciate the rich history the company had. Did you know the Terry Towel as we know and love it in the UK was first created on a large scale by two brothers? Henry Christy returned to England from Constantinople in 1850 with a sample of some loop pile fabric. His brother Richard Christy found a way to reproduce this mechanically and the the terry towel was born. As was the company Christy.

Since then Christy towels have gone from strength to strength and have been favoured by Queen Victoria in 1851 and Wimbledon since 1987. In 2003 they introduced their first bed linen range.

I was lucky enough to review Christy bed linen and opted for the Daphne bed linen.


The Daphne Christy bed linen is a mink coloured set with a soft leaf pattern that runs throughout with a very delicate shimmer to it. The design is subtle and very pretty and suits the modern and minimalistic taste. That is us down to a tee in our house so this was an ideal choice for us. It has a very neat finish around the edges in cream, known as grosgrain, which compliments the soft leaf pattern perfectly. Of course, their are other equally nice designs available including more traditional floral patterns as well as bold and exotic designs. It was hard to pick just the one to review!

Christy Bedlinen 1

Christy Bed linen 4

Christy Bed Linen 3

Christy Bedlinen 2

One thing you notice instantly about the Christy bed linen range is the attention to detail. The packaging is high quality and the the Christy logo zip is a very nice little touch.

The face of the sheets is cotton sateen 300 thread count whilst the reverse is cotton percale 200 thread count. The packaging recommends washing them before use and I can emphatically say that they are SO comfortable. One of my pet hates are sheets that are uncomfortable, whilst the other half is understandably fussy due to his eczema. We have to be careful what we buy and it has to be good quality so as not to irritate his skin. As a result, we tend not to deviate from what we know and stick to things like egyptian cotton. So this was stepping out of the comfort zone for us when it came to bedding. We weren’t disappointed. This sheets are excellent and I can highly recommend Christy bed linen to anyone looking for a very good, quality purchase.

I’ve since been eyeing up the towel range, admiring the different colours and sizes. They look very nice indeed and it may be time we made an investment into some good towels.

I think a part of me of was expecting to find that washing the sheets would involve something a bit more complicated than putting them straight into the washing machine. I was wrong. Throwing them in at 40 degrees will suffice.

This particular design comes in 4 different sizes and prices start at £79 for a single duvet.

We were sent The Christy Daphne bed linen set to review. All opinions are my own.

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