The Extension of Me

When Little Z came along, no-one ever told me that I would become an extension of him. I discovered that parenting doesn’t just involve physically caring for your child but it means going through all their emotions with them. I’d have to relive childhood again. The good parts including lots of giggles and laughter. The bad parts including working through their anxiety and fears. The nerve wracking parts that are yet to come like friendships, playground politics, pre-schools, school, teens. Of course, as he grows up the strength of his character and confidence lets him detach himself from my apron strings ever so slowly. In a proud, sad, happy way all at once.

It’s a slightly strange feeling going through childhood again. It’s a lot of fun and you hope and imagine that the journey from the first time around has equipped you with sufficient resilience to go through it all the second time around slightly more pain free. You know inside this isn’t true. You know that there will be bumps along the way but you hope your protective helmets will make the journey a relatively smooth one.

Then I recently made another discovery. That the situation works in reverse too.

He is becoming an extension of me.

He is sounding more and more like me on a daily basis. Absorbing what I say and playing it back to us, knowing when to say what. Recently the wider world has experienced first hand what our parenting technique is like in the privacy of our own home. It is sometimes like looking into a little mirror. A, mostly, very funny one.

One thing I’ve learned about myself in the last couple of months from looking into that little mirror is that I really need to reduce the frequency of the word “OK?” at the end of a sentence.

Some of Little Z’s most recent gems of advice have included the following:

Me/OH/ Member of family says a sentence including the word “stupid”:
Little Z: “Don’t say that word Mummy / Daddy / wider public. Don’t say that word again Ok? Good boy”.

Little Z to the OH: “Daddy, if you eat all your dinner first then you can play later, Ok?”

Little Z to the OH: “Daddy! Come downstairs right now and put your shoes on or we’re not going outside! Ok?”

Little Z: “You stay here for a bit. I’m going to go work now but I’ll be back later, Ok?”

Me to Little Z: “Little Z are you listening?”
Little Z: “Yes my darling”

Little Z: “Be careful Mummy. Don’t hurt yourself. Come down slowly. Ok?”

Whenever we see the neighbour opposite
Little Z: “Look! Say morning Mummy, say morning!”.
Little Z: “MORRRRNING!” (On repeat until he gets a reply)

Little Z: “Say thank you Mummy”
Me: “Oh…thank you”
Little Z: “You’re welcome”
Me: (Trying to conceal laughter)
Little Z: “Now say “Good Boy””

I’m still waiting for him to pick up the OH’s regular phrase to him:

“You sound just like your mother”

extension of me

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  1. That is SO cute. Love him telling you to come down slowly and not hurt yourself πŸ™‚
    I think we worry more on our second childhoods. Kids just think they’re invincible and will do everything. We know they’re not, so we worry more. But at least we get to go to the cinema to watch kids’ films and on slow rides at theme parks!

  2. I have noticed particularly this with Em, who is older, she picks up on all my mannerisms, and things I say and do, and copies me. It’s like watching myself sometimes. I also now think I sound just like my own mother, something I swore I would try not to, before I had children, but now realise how often she was right! πŸ˜‰
    Karen recently posted…Thomas and Friends Christmas JourneyMy Profile

  3. Properly laughing my head off, Little Z is so like POD it’s uncanny! You’re so right how they adopt what we’re saying and repeat it back again. It is highly entertaining most of the time though. My personal favourite is β€œYou stay here for a bit. I’m going to go work now but I’ll be back later, Ok?”. Thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

  4. So sweet and so true. Boy has just started telling me “You’re just like your mother!” And I am definitely having to moderate my language whilst driving…..the other night he told Daddy “This is the corner where Mummy saw the pill**k.” It sounds like your LO is picking up some more engaging mannerisms from you, but it is amazing how sponge like their little minds are!
    sarahhillwheeler recently posted…Why holidays rockMy Profile

  5. I’m finding it quite alarming at times seeing myself through my daughter. It certainly makes you more aware of those little things you do that you don’t really want to see repeated by a little person (must stop saying bugger).

  6. Oh this really made me laugh. It’s both hilarious and scary when you hear yourself in someone else. I use ‘yes’ at the end of my sentences rather than ‘OK’ so am experiencing very similar to you. I also say ‘Jeeeezz’ a lot for some unknown reason and keep hearing CK say it. We have to be sooooo careful.
    3yearsandhome recently posted…When two styles go to warMy Profile

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