Sights in Langkawi – A Visit to the Cable Cars and Kilim Geo Forest

Langkawi is a collection of 99 very beautiful islands (104 when the tide is at is lowest) and located North West off the Malaysian coast. We spent the second part of our holiday at a resort in the main part of this island, in Kuah town. After a very busy few days in Kuala Lumpur, racing around to see absolutely everything, this island was the perfect place to rest our weary blister ridden feet. We had grand intentions to sit and do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just relax.

That is, of course, until we saw the amount of places you could visit and the things you could do. We allowed ourselves a day of rest by running to the spa and eating too much at the very nice buffet, then booked a trip on the cable car and the Mangrove boat tour.

Langkawi pool

Langkawi food

Cable Cars

The cable cars in Langkawi are situated in the Oriental village and are on the South west part of the main island. They are well worth a visit as they give you a panoramic view about 700 metres above sea level. We happened to visit on a bit of a cloudy day so our view was restricted a bit but even with a heavy mist of white everywhere the views were pretty stunning.

langkawi cable cars 3

There are 3 stations in total and you can opt to pay a bit extra to miss the (potential) 2 hour queue. Having a toddler with permanent ants in his pants made the decision for us and we got to the top within about 10 minutes.

langkawi cable cars 2

There is an optional trek back down from the top station to the middle one but we decided not to with Little Z. I’m pretty sure he would have loved running down at full speed on his little legs but the thought of our nerves being wrecked by the bottom was a bit too much to risk. We enjoyed a somewhat peaceful descent with some hard core animation geeks that told us about various movies that had been filmed at the cable cars and the types of CGI used to boost the final result. We tried our best to keep up!

langkawi cable cars 4

Mangrove boat tour / Kilim Geo Forest

According to Tripadvisor the number one thing to do in Langkawi are the cable cars. In my opinion the boat tour of the Geo Forest was the best. It is jam packed with discoveries and things to see in their natural habitat. You have the choice to opt for a 1, 2 or 3 hour boat tour and I instantly wanted the hour one. Just one. One! Being on a speed boat with Little Z, albeit with life jackets, didn’t fill me with too much confidence but I was persuaded by all (OH, the tour guides and Little Z who decided to just copy the tour guides) that the 2 hour would be the perfect one.
I needn’t have worried. I clamped him down in the middle for the entire thing and the variety of sights and sounds meant he was interested and quiet (ish) throughout.

The tour takes you around the Kilim Geo Forest and your first stop is the bat cave. Filled completely with sleeping bats. You’re handed a torch and told not to talk within the cave as this can set the bats off flying in every direction. As the law of sod would have it, Little Z got to the middle of the cave and decided it was his turn to hold the big torch and the only way was to have a partial very loud instant meltdown which mainly constituted of cries of “MY HOLD IT! MY HOLD IT!”.


I have never been so scared for the safety of my hair. I kept having visions of the bat flying scene in the Goonies until we’d safely exited. It turns out even bats make allowances for small vocal toddlers and attempt to turn around and go back to sleep.

He was equally taken by the fish farm which was our next stop and laughed as his Daddy fed a very hungry stingray that slurped around his hand. He was then brave enough to touch a blowfish and declare that it was “(Dis)gusting”. Thankfully the fish farmer found it funny.

Langkawi kilim 1

The boat carries on showing you crocodile caves (now empty) and take you to feed some eagles. Its a brilliant sight to see eagles in their natural habitat, swooping down for fish and back up to head to their homes in the mountains. Weirdly, there is something very peaceful about watching the whole thing, even in predatory acts.

The boat ride carries onto its last stage and take you around the Andaman sea so that you can see the amazing mini natural beaches and rock formations.

silent sunday

Kilim geo forest 2

Some of the rock formations are famous in their own right (such as “shoe island” as its shaped like a clog). The views of the Thailand coast are stunning and as our phones beeped at that point with a text message to say “Welcome to Thailand” I’m going to take that as we visited Thailand. Very very (very very) briefly.

Wander Mum

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47 thoughts on “Sights in Langkawi – A Visit to the Cable Cars and Kilim Geo Forest”

  1. These islands are full of adventure! I like places were you can connect with nature and learn about the local flora and fauna. I wouldn’t like to have a close encounter with bats (or with their poop, yuck). But other than that, I will go on the cable car and boat.
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  2. It’s so hard to just stop and rest isn’t it? I’m amazed you were able to hold off frum such wonderful adventures for an entire day. I think I would have been signing myself up for everything immediately!. The boat ride sounds amazing. That’s our favorite type of vacation interaction too. #mondayescapes

  3. This brings back memories as we visited Langkawi pre kids, and went on both the cable cars and Mangrove Tour. I agree with you that the Mangrove Tour is more interesting though. I’d love to take my kids there. #MondayEscapes

  4. I loved Langkawi and would definitely go back – making sure I do the boat trip and mangrove tour next time .. And hopefully have no toddle meltdowns. Loved the cable car though and the express queue was money well spend, we were with a toddler too! #citytripping

  5. Lanka with us somewhere I’ve always fancied visiting after seeing some of Malaysians cities and the mangrove tour looks fascinating. I have a bit of a soft spot for bats -kids really pick their moments. I remember my daughter as a baby being angelic right until we stepped in the middle of a (big) cave where the echoes ensured her sudden yells reverberated properly… #citytripping
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