Is It Too Soon To Book Some Time Off For Easter?

As we get back into the world of work post holiday and battle the urge to make like a bear and go into hibernation all winter long, I find myself wondering whether its too soon to book some time off for Easter. Theoretically. Of course. Easter is so far away. With January feeling like the longest month ever it’s actually a good time to book it now. It’s good to be prepared. Don’t you think?

Take Butlins, for example. They’ve already organised themselves for the Easter break with exclusive activities arranged for the holiday period and you can book now for Easter Breaks 2014. And so many of them excellent for fun loving toddlers that don’t like to sit still.

Here’s my list of things we’d love to do:

Visiting the Spring Farmyard – Where children are given the chance to get up close to all the animals including lambs, piglets, little ducklings and their supersize bunny (This I’d really want to see!).

Tots Soccer – Little Z is a little footy fanatic and likes to shout “GOAL!” whenever he kicks the ball and “OH NO!” whenever he misses his imaginary goal. Tots soccer lets little ones run around and practice their ball skills whilst the footy coaches are on hand to improve these skills.


Splash Waterworld – A large indoor waterworld with suptropical temperatures. This sounds bliss! They have a parents and toddler swim sessions too which lets the little ones have a bit of time in the pools to build confidence. And the price of these sessions is included in the price.

Mister Maker Live – Enough said!! I really hope they do the “I am a shape dance”. I mean, Little Z hopes they do. Ahem.


Sesame Street show – Little Z is a huge Sesame street fan. He got into this when he was a baby and we were clueless about children’s programmes so tried to impart our own childhood onto him. The 45 minute show includes all the best loved characters like Elmo, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and Cookie Monster. How exciting would this be! (For Little Z of course).

Tots Disco – There is nothing cuter than watching toddler bust their funky moves and wiggles and this interactive disco is ideal for any song and dance loving toddler.

Butlins disco

There are so many other toddler related activities that Butlin hosts like Pingu fitness (which I could probably do with), traditional fair rides and story time that I’m pretty sure you won’t have a day when you have a bored little child on your hands. And the best thing about it is that it’s all in the once place!

I should get organised like a good parent and book something. Its for Little Z’s own good. Have you thought that far ahead?

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