Petronas Towers – Kuala Lumpur

Its hard to believe that the Petronas Towers looks likes this in real life but it really does. It’s amazing by night and I’d highly recommend going to see it after sunset when all their lights go on. It is well worth a visit in the day time though so a mid afternoon visit is good. The towers contain a whole host of things. The first few floors are shops, everything from high street to the designer brands to exclusive boutiques you wouldn’t really in England. There’s also a cinema and you could quite easily spend a good few hours in there. Most of remainder of the floors are offices and you will regularly see daily droves of office workers coming in and out of the building. And of course, the top couple of floors are for visitors.

If you do want to visit then the best thing is to buy tickets in advance just so you can pick the best time for you and your family. Buying on the fly is a bit risky as we tried it and couldn’t get in. It’s very family friendly too. We took a 2 year old Little Z with us and he darted about all over the place on the connecting bridge. It’s ultra safe but can be slightly nerve wracking as its all very very clear thick see through glass. The sights are amazing though and there is a tour guide who will point out all the history of the constuction as well as the key sights to look out for.


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