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I was recently lucky enough to be selected as a #MorrisonsMum and check out their new cheaper prices. Morrisons is not our normal place to shop so I have to admit I was slightly nervous about whether it would be a good shop for us and if we’d find at least most of what we usually buy in our weekly shop. We weren’t disappointed. Morrisons has recently lowered hundreds of prices through their whole store this was immediately evident with all their price cuts highlighted in big bold yellow “I’m cheaper” signs throughout the store.

The produce was fresh and they had a big range even in our local store which is one of the smaller stores compared to others I’ve visited. I didn’t get chance to check out their nutmeg clothes selection but it didn’t matter as the focus for us was to check out their groceries for our bank holiday and weekly meals. We were pleasantly surprised at their selection of nice supermarkets own branded products too. We are brand lovers and so venturing out to try own supermarkets own is a a bit different for us but we weren’t disappointed.

We found everything on our list and got to work planning and cooking meals through the week. The bank holiday was spent having an eclectic indian indoor barbecue complete with tandoori chicken, chips, coleslaw, corn on the cob and cake to finish. We also bought some little pirate cups and straws from their party range. Little Z was highly amused and “Arrghaaarrred” his way through the whole lunch. He didn’t eat that much to be honest, which is fairly standard, but he did like looking at the pirate pictures a lot.

The coleslaw and freshness of the corn on the cob were my favourites in this meal. The coleslaw was of a high quality and one I’d definitely purchase again and the cobs were obviously fresh and very sweet to the taste. The other little highlight is their Mediterannean salad bowl which costs £1! Its filled with peppers, baby tomatoes and lettuce and rocket and and a brilliant accompaniment to most meals.

Morrisons 1

strawberry gateaux

One other particular good find during our shop was their Free From range. Having found out a week ago that the Other Half has a gluten allergy we are currently stumbling about trying to find foods that he can eat and what kind of substitutes we need to make. It turns out gluten seems to be in just about EVERYTHING! The Morrisons branch we visited had an entire aisle dedicate to gluten and egg free products and it suddenly made it a lot easier to find pasta, biscuit and bread alternatives.

Our other favourite meal of the week consisted of spicy shepherds pie and swiss roll pudding. The spicy shepherds pie is a bit of an English Indian fusion dish in that it contains garlic, ginger, chilli and other Asian spices in it. We love it and make it regularly, then sit about complaining how stuffed we all are. And the swiss roll pudding is something that originates from South Africa (I think!) and from a book that looks like it was printed about 100 years ago. The recipe is so old it refers to cornflour as maizena and I had to adapt a couple of ingredients but, even for an ultra lazy cook, both are very easy to make and both extremely yummy.

All in all, we loved shopping at Morrisons and would highly recommend it to others. Their produce is fresh and of a high quality.

Spicy Shepherds pie

Shepherds pie


2 x onions chopped
Mince of your choice
2 Tbl cooking oil
1 tsp salt
Roasted cumin (Optional)
3 to 4 chillies (Or however many you like!)
1 tsp turmeric (optional)
2 tomatoes chopped or half a tomato tin
Stock or stock pot / gravy
Any veg you’d like to add in (We used peas, sweetcorn, carrots and green pepper)
Approx 9 potatoes – boiled and mashed
Splash of milk

Sautee chopped onions in cooking oil until golden brown and added crushed roasted cumin (optional). Add the garlic and ginger and the chopped tomatoes.Cook until tomatoes simmer down and add the mince, salt, chillies and turmeric.
Cook until mince is cooked (about 15 minutes) then add your stock or stock pot gravy.
Add the vegetables and cook for a further 5 minutes.
Boil potatoes separately with a bit of salt until they can be mashed. Add a splash of milk and some butter and mash up.
Place minced mixture into an oven proof dish and top with the mashed potato. Grill in oven to brown the top.

Serve with salad and enjoy!

Shepherds pie 2

Swiss Roll Pudding

1 litre milk
2 small packets of Dr Oetkars VegeGel (OR 2 tbsp China Grass powder / Falooda)
2 Elmlea cream (I use the Single version
1 x 397g condensed milk
2 large swiss rolls
1 egg beaten
1 tbsp cornflour
1 x tub of whipping cream
1 x Flake chocolate or any grated chocolate for the topping

Bring the milk to boil.
Create a paste with the egg, cornflour and some extra milk – Add to the milk once it starts to boil.
Stir until milk comes to boil again.
Add in 2 x single creams and condensed milk
Cut swiss roll into slices and layer the bottom of a casserole dish.

Boil the VegeGel separately as per instruction on the packet (Note: This will set quickly once taken off boil so don’t do it until you’re ready to add to the milk straight away).

Add VegeGel to milk and stir thoroughly. Pour the custard mixture over the swiss rolls in the dish and leave to set in the fridge. Times may vary but ours usually sets in about 4 hours.
Decorate with whipped cream and crumbled flake or whatever topping you fancy.

Serves about 12- 15 so this is usually suitable for a big party or family do!

Swiss roll pudding

Disclaimer: We were provided with vouchers to shop at Morrisons. All views and opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Shopping at Morrisons…”

  1. Sounds like you were able to get a lot for your money there and I love the look of your spicy shepherd’s pie! (I’d have a Quorn version!).
    Sorry to hear about your OH’s gluten allergy, that will take some adjusting to, but good that Morrison’s have such a big range.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…The Gallery: FacesMy Profile

  2. I adore the fresh fruit and veg selection and quality at Morrisons (one of the few places to get large decent single avocados in uk). I find their free-from issle is really good as well. Asian cooking is best as gram & rice flour is used but watch out for UK versions of bahji’s, curries etc as they sometimes use wheat instead of traditional recepies.
    Chrissie recently posted…The Strange Truth About Being In Your 30′sMy Profile

  3. I’ve really been enjoying these posts…. we have a Morrisons just around the corner from where we live and I love it – the veg and fruit selection is great and it’s a nice relaxing shop. And the Nutmeg clothes are good. You Shepherds Pie and Swiss roll pudding look really yummy! X
    older mum in a muddle recently posted…The Listening WalkMy Profile

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