Dearest Little Z – At Age 3 and 7 Months

Hello Little Z!

So (pre) school is almost out for summer and I can’t wait. It means we can start going lots of fun places and hopefully basking in the sun a bit. I still need to plan stuff but I’m sure it’ll be fun. You’ve finally finally settled in and run in and wave me off. Which is typical timing really as I’m not wondering if you’ll end up taking a step back with the 7 weeks holidays. Hopefully not.

You’ve not quite clicked that your lovely keyworker has left last week. You think she’s on holiday. I didn’t really know how to tell you she’s not coming back so I’ve just carried on lying. She’s gone off to become a Nanny for a family not too far away from us. I can just imagine her as her a very Northern Mary Poppins calling all her wards “spud”. I remember you greeted your Daddy and I with a “hello Spud!” for about two weeks after you picked it up. There’s a chance she may come back after the summer holidays if things don’t work out but I bet she will be fantastic. She is a natural with children and they are a very lucky family to have her. Your new keyworker is really lovely too and asked me a hundreds of questions about you. I realised later that she was trying to get to know you inside out very quickly and that made me feel a lot better about the big change.

Something irked me a bit this week. You ran to that little boy I don’t really like very much and excitedly told me he was your friend. He promptly turned around and huffed he didn’t want to be your friend. What??! How very dare he. There is a part of me that’s secretly glad about this as he has a potty mouth but you were so sad I wanted to pick him up by his ankle and give him a telling off. Of course that would have been pretty mean of me and I wouldn’t really but I was very aware that the mother lion side of me unleashed itself very quickly. It reminded me of the film “This is 40” when the mum goes over the top telling a teenage boy off for picking on her daughter. I think that’ll be me. Obviously I am going to have to rein it in and just let some of these things happen as its the real world and you need to learn. But Bleurgh bleurgh.

You decided over the last few weeks that wee-ing in the loo was boring and wee-ing on the floor was more you. Thankfully the accidents are now at a minimum. Its taken a bit of lying and threats of giving your Thomas underpants to your cousin to do the trick. Apparently a potty training regression is normal in boys but having your heart in your mouth constantly watching out for wee or that desperate cross legged wee dance is pretty draining. Hopefully this time its been nailed for good.

It was our wedding anniversary this month and you were a bit confused with the cards and presents being exchanged. You kept asking why people got married. We eventually asked if you wanted to get married and you thought it was a hilarious thing and then shook your head at us as if we’d asked the craziest thing ever. Ah well πŸ™‚

You keep saying you need go to on holiday again. Your Daddy says you sound just like me. You’re doing such a good job even I have to tell you to cool it down every so often. You natter non stop though so its either listening to this or nursery songs. Maybe we will after your uncles wedding. We best start planning. And if Daddy is good then we could take him too! You tend to get distracted by a toy or Topsy and Tim every so often so it may take a while.

So until next time….Mwah!!

Dear Little Z 3 years and 7 months

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29 thoughts on “Dearest Little Z – At Age 3 and 7 Months”

  1. Awe that’s really sweet. I can relate to a lot of this. My boys haven’t really grasped that we’re leaving and it’s so much easier to leave it and not keep reminding them as they love their pre-school and their keyworker so much. I’m going to miss them too so will be in floods of tears on Friday when they graduate. I’m afraid the wee on the floor thing is a boy thing – even at 4years 8 months we still get it as they’re always so distracted by things that they never actually look where they’re aiming! xx
    TalesofaTwinMum recently posted…Review: Butlins Just for Tots break with insider tips and tricksMy Profile

  2. What a lovely post! I remember one of mine reverting back and suddenly doing the whole weeing on the floor thing. I think they just get bored and think “I know, let’s try this for a laugh!”. Sorry to here Little Z’s keyworker is leaving πŸ™ Love that he started calling you both ‘spud’! He sounds like such a little character x
    suzanne3childrenandit recently posted…It Ain’t Over til the Fat Lady SingsMy Profile

  3. A lovely post as always. It is hard to see them sad or upset by things isn’t it? I find that my anger and emotion comes out a lot quicker when it comes to my girls but you have to bottle it up sometimes don’t you? It makes me sad that we won’t always be around to fight their battles. x
    Katie @mummydaddyme recently posted…Our Holiday to Rhodes- Part One.My Profile

  4. I don’t think the mother lioness ever leaves us! When Meg tells me things at school about children laughing over something she did, I have to really stop myself marching down there. It’s all part of growing up but I don’t think it is easy to watch as a parent. Sounds like he has really settled into nursery though, I would just keep talking about it, reminding him that he is on his holidays now but will go back later and that way it won’t be too far from his mind πŸ™‚ #magicmoments

  5. Aw, this is lovely.

    Oh dear about the toilet. Blooming boys. We’ve been doing the toilet watch too – he’s always good about taking himself off but this weekend we were in a village hall for an event,and I was volunteering so wasn’t thinking about it, and someone else pointed out that N was fidgeting. She was right, and he wouldn’t have known where to go without me!
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  6. Love these letters.

    I very much have those urges too – the lion mum. There is a bully boy at rugby tots who pushes all the children down and the mum does nothing grrrr.

    Anyway, lovely letter. Such a wonderful idea to track the memories and stages. Really wish I had started something like this at the beginning x
    Potty Mouthed Mummy recently posted…Crazy Pregnancy | Free PassMy Profile

  7. Lovely post as ever. Sorry to hear about the key worker leaving – it’s probably good timing with the summer holidays as hopefully he won’t notice her absence as much when he goes back. I totally get how you feel about the ‘not so nice’ child. I feel like I’m a pretty good judge of what kids are like and I know which kids I wouldn’t want mine to be friends with. Luckily they’ve all made good friendship choices.
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  8. Oh I do love these posts. And I feel for you with the boy who doesn’t want to be friends. Luka has a friend at preschool who he adores and who in turn is not that bothered. I’ve seen him run up to him at parties to get blanked, and during his graduation performance he hugged him and the hug wasn’t returned πŸ™ It broke my heart. BUT I know that at this age children can be fickle and all we can do is stand back and let them find their own way. As painful as that is!
    x x x x
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  9. What a sweet letter to Z… Our little girl is 3 years 9 months and has also started wetting herself again (must be a trend!). I love the ‘Hello Spud’ you got from him. Funny how they pick up everything we (or nursery staff) say.
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  10. Fabulous post Tas, he’s just growing up so fast isn’t he. I’m sure he’ll be fine with his keyworker going especially now he’s settled. How fabulous to have the summer off, that sounds awesome. Lots of fun to be had! Know what you mean about the friend thing, Poppy has one that doesn’t seem to reciprocate the love she has for him. I do hope it doesn’t end in tears! Happy wedding anniversary, hope you had a great day. Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory
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  11. This is the best update. I’m totally going to be a mum that shouts at other kids if they’re not nice to the boys. They’ll ask me not to pick them up from school by the time they’re five.

    We’re having a bit of a potty training regression here too. I thought we had it all sorted earlier this year but he now thinks that peeing on the toilet is ‘boring’. I’m putting a few books in the bathroom in the hope that having something to do in there will encourage him to go. I’m currently buying up underpants in the Tesco sale like you wouldn’t believe.
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  12. Such a nice post idea. I cant help but get emotional and angry when Noah is upset from something that happened at nursery – I guess its instinct isnt it?

    Love the comment about your anniversary, congraulations by the way – our kids just open our presents, not very carefully may I add! x

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