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After a long month of fasting it was once again time to celebrate Eid, the day which marks the end of 29 or 30 days of fasting upon the sighting of a new moon. I won’t lie. The days were long and some days were tiring in the heat but there’s a always a brilliant kind of togetherness and bonding that always emerges out of this month. In my family, in contrast to the calm month, Eid is always a crazy affair. We always end up rushing around the inlaws, friends and then my family to see everyone. The food is always pretty awesome and it’s always great to try to talk to everyone all at once, a bit too loudly and watch the kids go slightly nuts.

Little Z is always slightly dubious and shy at the huge family gatherings. Everyone simultaneously trying to say hello to him and commenting on how he’s grown since the last time always has him burrowing his face into one of our laps. He eventually gets into the swing of things and throws himself into all the festivities.

As a close cousin gets married in a couple of weeks, and two others turn 18, it was an ideal time to help out with last minute favour box packing and having some very birthday cake. It was like Zs most perfect day ever. These are just some of the reasons why…

1) Stealing Grandmas walking stick in order to swing it about and pretend it was some kind of sword. It had to be confiscated after he started swinging it around his head for fear of kneecapping guests.

2) Hearing whispers of a surprise birthday cake, promptly getting very excited and then announcing to everyone that everyone was going to have a party. One of his many grandmas tried to persuade him several times to keep it very very quiet.

3) Eventually realising the birthday cake was a secret and annoying loudly to a few people that there was birthday cake but it was a SECRET.

4) Having a turn at blowing out candles on the birthday cake after the surprised pair of 18 year olds.

5) Entertaining a small group of 50 something adults with a story of how his Nani fell down a mountain. I’m not sure where or how he’s come up with that one. I need to have a think about mountain related CBeebies programmes.

6) Trying to eat as much cake as he could as a substitute for proper food.

7) Finally making peace with the neighbourhood cat after being scratched by one a year ago on holiday. Then not leaving it alone.

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  1. Oh I bet it has been so hard this year hasn’t it being in the summer heat? It makes for long days. I always wonder how Muslims can do it in the really hot countries. Hope you have a lovely Eid! xxx
    brummymummyof2 recently posted…My Dirty ‘Mummy’ Secrets.My Profile

  2. Had to laugh at all the surprise birthday cake shennanigans. I can see Z hasn’t really got secrets yet.
    Erica Price recently posted…First Visit To The Barber’s ShopMy Profile

  3. Your posts always make me smile
    Ninjacat recently posted…Sunday Peak PhotoMy Profile

  4. Aw, lovely post. Hope you had a wonderful Eid. Gorgeous photos as always, and glad little Z made friends again with the cat! xx

  5. Kids’ inability to keep secrets can be infuriating at times, can’t it? You just can’t win – the more you make a big thing out of it, the more likely they are to blurt it out. Glad to see Z got stuck in and enjoyed it all, though.
    Tim recently posted…Silent Sunday 3/8/14My Profile

  6. Wonderful post. Hope you had a great eid. Nice pics!
    nishana recently posted…Tales from KG2 – 2 :: BeautyMy Profile

  7. Bless him! Who wants to keep birthday cake a secret? It’s way too exciting! Sounds like you all had a great time :)
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Time is moneyMy Profile

  8. Wow those cakes look amazing. They are giving me major cravings for something sweet now :-). Thanks for sharing.
    Working mum blog recently posted…Hillingdon Hospital antenatal classes: my reviewMy Profile

  9. It sounds like the whole of your massive family had a fantastic time. Those cakes and that cake look gorgeous! I heard you aren’t even allowed water all day – is that true? I’d faint in this heat after an hour!
    Chrissie recently posted…Events in Manchester for AugustMy Profile

  10. Gorgeous boy and wow what a month you’ve had, love that he nicked the walking stick (sounds like Alexander) and making peace with the cat sounds like a brave feat-well done him…I want to substitute food for cake-wait I’ve done that all month and can barely get into my clothes. Seriously need to fast myself right now. Loved this post x
    Honest Mum recently posted…Summer DaysMy Profile

  11. wow – an entire month of fasting, that must be so tough, especially in this heat! That feast must have been a long time coming! lol 😉 Kids are so cheeky at big family gatherings aren’t they! Too many places to hide and opportunities for mischief I say! lol xx
    WallyMummy recently posted…The #ToddlerHoliday Come-down…My Profile

  12. The fasting must be quite a challenge. The birthday cake situation did make me smile though :)
    Iona@Redpeffer recently posted…Best Family Beach in CornwallMy Profile

  13. Fasting, cake, secrets, the recipe for adventure, lovely post! Thanks!
    Millennium Housewife recently posted…Things I Have Said To My Father TodayMy Profile

  14. Secrets and small children just don’t mix do they? Lovely photos. It looks like you all had a fantastic Eid #whatsthestory

  15. Sounds so funny, I can just imagine all his antics with all the family around, it will be lovely for him to have these memories when he is older. Hope you had a fabulous Eid, you must have been ready for some celebrations after it being such a warm month x
    Hayley @hayleyfromhome recently posted…Living ArrowsMy Profile

  16. Ha ha toddlers and secrete never work 😉 Sounds like he had amazing fun and was great entertainment for everyone though! xx
    Hurrah For Gin recently posted…I heart DisneyCollectorBRMy Profile

  17. The heat must have made it more difficult this year, hope you fared up ok lovely! I bet Little Z keeps everyone amused with his antics. Cake as food sounds about right… my 2yo refused lunch yesterday, then promptly helped herself to the entire blackberry stash 😉
    Mummy Tries recently posted…How I Spent Some ‘Me Time’My Profile

  18. Sounds like you have had a fantastic Eid Taz. And your massive family parties sound fun- I have a really small family! x
    Katie @mummydaddyme recently posted…{The Ordinary Moments 14} #28 ‘A First Bike’My Profile

  19. Little Z is so entertaining, really! The best way to NOT keep a secret is to tell a toddler :)
    Tarana recently posted…M is for…M&M’s!My Profile

  20. A brilliant post. Toddlers and secrets are not a good mix. Just discovered your blog and think it’s fab xx
    Little Button Diaries recently posted…Charming Brighton: Make Some Shrink JewelleryMy Profile

  21. Sounds like you had a fantastic Eid and great family gatherings always make for great family memories together. I bet it was hard in the heat of summer and long days though. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Poem 62: The first one turns threeMy Profile

  22. That’s so funny! I will always remember my little sister keeping a secret from my mum and not telling her what her birthday present was by saying that she could wear it, it was gold coloured and it ticked…
    pantomum recently posted…The Italian Job: SorrentoMy Profile

  23. I love how they go from completely hiding to coming out with the craziest stories. Jess always has something mad to say when she’s got into the swing of things 😀
    Beth @plasticrosaries recently posted…Review: Disraeli Avenue by Caroline SmailesMy Profile

  24. Ha- love the bit about stealing grandma’s ‘sword’!
    Expression and Confession recently posted…Vegetable eating in kids: the parents’ Holy GrailMy Profile

  25. he really is showing his personality now!
    becky @ lakes single mum recently posted…#CountryKids A stroll along the Leeds-Liverpool canal by Botany BayMy Profile

  26. Aww! What a lovely post! It made me smile!
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Creating…..My Profile

  27. Haha! Love the story of nanny falling down the mountain! You just never know where all the little pieces of their stories come from, but there really is a reason why they’ve all come together – I love understanding when it’s all figured out :-)
    Steph @MisplacedBrit recently posted…Piercing a 6 Year Olds Ears …Or Ear!My Profile

  28. Sounds like such a great time, I can imagine the fasting and celebrations would bring you all together. I don’t know how you manage! Hope you had a great Eid x
    Julia Rainbeaubelle recently posted…Rainbeaubelle has moved!My Profile

  29. Little Z is just the most adorable kid ever. Love his antics here =) #MagicMoments
    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted…Lazy Afternoon in Grove ParkMy Profile

  30. Ah I always loved Eid when I was teaching as the kids would come back to class full of stories like this! So glad you had a Bally time x x
    Ghostwritermummy recently posted…Reurn of The Bump: 26 weeksMy Profile

  31. You can always rely on a little one t let the cat out of the bag! :-)
    Rocknrollerbaby recently posted…My Grandma’s Things…My Profile

  32. This gave me a little giggle! Z is as good at keeping secrets as my little one is :-) #PoCoLo
    Bek recently posted…Appletters ReviewMy Profile

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