A postcard from Mauritius


I think we’ve been here about 5 days now, I’m not too sure, I’ve kind of lost track of time but I think it’s Friday. It is absolutely beautiful and we are loving it. We did spend the last few days tending to Little Zs chicken pox though. Oh the irony of wondering why he’s escaped them all these years and then getting a full blown dose of it as soon as we landed. It started off as a single spot for a few days and the “is it / is it not chicken pox” pondering confirmed itself a few days later. The hotel has been lovely and a regular dose of calamine lotion and piriton have really helped it. We’re now at the stage where we can see other humans but we’re yet to go in the pools.

Thank goodness for the huge beach and ocean. So we definitely don’t feel like we’re missing out. We’ve never made so many sandcastles!


We have spent our days making sand hoovers, sitting in pedolos and making every bartender make strawberry milkshakes.

Mauritius has a very tropical atmosphere and that brings with it a regular daily visit from ants and geckos. The hotel staff spray all the rooms on a daily basis but I suppose it’s inevitable. There are messages on the TV about how the staff can remove geckos from your room, with a loving picture of one being cradled in someone’s hands. Ahh, lovely. So the first night we rang them, a bit late but we knew that the softies within us wouldn’t let us sleep with a gecko running about the walls. Two men turned up with a broom, whilst we *stood* on our beds trying to look all nonchalant. They located it instantly, gave it a whack and thwacked it out of the French doors as if they were playing golf. I think the only way to describe us after that was … speechless. We’ve not called them after that. Little Z has instead become accustomed to them and nature in general and keeps trying to catch one. As well as bees, ants, everything really.


The food is amazing and I don’t think I’ve ever tasted pineapple as nice anywhere else. I am being very restrained about not diving into it though, as I’m sure there’s something about pineapple and labour and how women eat lots of it to bring it on when they’re fed up of being overdue. Oh but pineapples and chillies! Wow. I am definitely going to remember that post labour.


Today we go to safari where the Other half has booked a trip to walk with the lions. Because he is mental. I’ve outright refused to do it figuring I would probably make a good meal for the lions right now. Plus I’m not sure they’d let me anyway, being 20 weeks now. This is why I outright refused. Of course.
We have been assured that they are very very well safe. Ok then. Little Z and I are going to stick to the petting farm and zoo where I’m sure the ponies and giraffes won’t want to eat us. No doubt we will take a million photos of it all.

Ooh and the baby kicked. Properly!! I really should do a pregnancy update soon.

Wish you were here….. Xx


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43 thoughts on “A postcard from Mauritius”

  1. Ahhh I’m so pleased you’re there safe and having a wonderful time!
    What a shame about little Z getting chicken pox what pants timing, sounds like he’s doing well though!!!

    Aww so sad about the geckos, we tend to leave them alone here they seem to stay up on the walls, especially with Arthur (like Littke Z) trying to get them haha!

    Mmmm pineapple and chilli is SO good, I had some when we went out for my birthday it was AMAZING!!!

    A huge YAY for baby kicks so happy for you!!! Xxx
    Seychellesmama recently posted…25 weeks pregnantMy Profile

    1. The geckos do look very cute don’t they? I have been telling everyone about the pineapple and chillies. I’ll pop over for a catch up on the bump, hope you’re well 🙂 x

  2. Hooray! Great news about the baby kicking 🙂
    It sounds like you’re having a lovely time, despite the chicken pox. I was a bit horrified to read about the geckos though! I would definitely not be walking with lions, but have seen photographic evidence to suggest that the OH survived!

  3. MY eldest got the pox on our first family holiday abroad, the sun really helped bring it all out and her skin was clear within days. Hope it’s mild for Little Z. So pleased you’re enjoying it, it’s so fab to lose track of time on hols xx

  4. We found it a magical place too. Thinking about it we did have an ant issue when we were staying there too. The geckos stayed out on the balcony though and we were happy to share that space with them.. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.
    Erica Price recently posted…Week 19 of 2015My Profile

  5. looks wonderful
    pleased the chicken pox didnt stop you for too long
    I remember when my older kids got them. We too were on holiday

  6. Looks so beautiful Tas, I can’t believe Z came out in chicken pox just as it’s holiday time but at least it was at the start so you have the rest of the holiday to enjoy. I love fresh pineapple so much, I would make myself sick with it but probably best to be restrained to stay on the safe side 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the holiday and we’ll look forward to a bump update when you’re back! xx
    Hayley (@hayleyfromhome) recently posted…A Year of Memories with PhotoboxMy Profile

  7. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe he had chicken pox!! I guess there is lots there to distract him though and it doesn’t sound like it has affected your holiday too much. And the baby kicked?! That is so exciting. It all sounds wonderful and I hope you are managing to get some rest too.
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…Signs that you have a teenager in trainingMy Profile

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