5 awesome inventions every parent would love for a child starting school

Over the last week we’ve had Little Z’s new school pack through and letters with invitations for different open days. There are days for him to visit with me, days for him to visit without me, days for parents only, days to buy his uniform. It’s all slightly overwhelming and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about him starting the huge world of primary school.

In some ways he is SO ready to go. He loves meeting new people his age and thinks absolutely everyone in the world is his friend. On the other hand there are some things he still hasn’t quite mastered and I worry whether he will be ok for an entire day. After all, preschool is only a half day session where they pretty much play and laugh for a good few hours before they are all whisked away by their mummies and daddies again. I know deep down he’ll be fine but its not stopped me from pondering how it might be.  So what if there were some new little gadgets in place just to help them settle in a bit more easily and help us parents worry a bit less about how they’re getting on in their day.

These are just some of the awesome inventions I think every parent would love for their child starting school:

1) Shirts with velcro on them
Z can’t quite do buttons yet. Well, he can if you count trying to rip off his shirt Superman style. He yanks his pyjama top buttons with such vigour that they’re loose enough for him to undo now. Obviously that wouldn’t look very presentable on a school shirt. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if, in place of buttons, there was a strip of velcro down the middle? Then they could happily rip them off and happily stick it all back in place again.  That sounds slightly chippendale, I know. But imagine the time reduced in kids dressing themselves after PE. Genius!

2) The Read and Write Magic Pencil.
I was completely in love with this pencil when I was little.  I wanted that pencil! The way it always described how to write a letter, the way the light lit up at the end and the way it just floated in mid air, completely by magic. This was about 30 years ago . Surely they should have invented this pencil by now for kids of this generation. It would definitely get Little Z to sit down a bit more and practice his letters.

3) Tiny people bidets
How perfect would it be to have these little things next to the cute little people loos to keep their little bottoms nice and clean? No more worrying about teaching your child accurate bathroom etiquette or worry about any accidental poo incidents. Every bottom would be sparkly clean and everyone would be happy. Obviously things could go slightly wrong if they got the bidet confused with a loo but, err, hopefully this wouldn’t happen too frequently.

4) A little device reminding them to actually go to the loo.
Our 4 year old still thinks going to the loo in a timely manner is a waste of time. He prefers to hold it to the last few seconds and then do the frantic wee dance. I have great suspicions about whether he’s ever been in preschool or whether he prefers to just hold it in like a little camel at every session.  I’m sure its the latter. A little device just repeating “Do you need to wee?” every couple of hours would be perfect. 

5) A similar device to remind them to finish their lunch.
Little Z will get distracted on a daily by anything and everything when his lunch is put in front of him. It can take him over an hour to eat it all and there will be various excuses about how he no longer likes it or that his tummy is full complete with a show of his belly as he pulls his top up to prove it. I do wonder if the stern dinner ladies of my day still exist. The ones everyone were terrified of and the ones who wouldn’t let you have pudding until you’d finished everything on your plate. I would settle for that over an ever repeating device squawking “eat it all up now”.
I’m sure I’ll think of more things to worry about over the next 3 months along with some super duper invention to fix it but for now I better put in all the millions of calendar appointments into my phone, along with his leavers party, his parents evening, his summer fayre and his next fancy dress. One thing is for certain though, his social life is about a hundred times better than mine right now!

(For actual tips I would check out Stressy Mummy’s post Starting school – A parents guide. Its got some really good tips for worried parents.  

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32 thoughts on “5 awesome inventions every parent would love for a child starting school”

  1. These all sound like brilliant inventions and just the sort of thing every parent would want. Why has nobody invented the velcro shirt yet? I reckon you should patent that idea and go on Dragon’s Den with it! I think reception teachers and TAs are so used to dealing with toilet/ lunch/ getting dressed issues as most of the kids are in the same boat. They learn fast in their first year and these things aren’t usually an issue by year 1. Good luck to you both! x
    PS I have lots of dates in my calendar for my son starting secondary too. It’s very similar (apart from the toilet issues!).
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…The acne and the hair dyeMy Profile

  2. Thank you for the mention, I think your inventions would be very useful and the toilet thing would have been good for my sons (my daughter never had the problem strangely). The Magic pencil looks amazing, I could have so done with that!
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…Living Arrows Week 23My Profile

  3. Totally with you on the velcro shirts. I am still recovering from a Reception class incident that the bidet would have helped with. The leaving it to the last minute thing is a very boy thing and he will be doing it for a good few years yet if H is anything to go by.
    Erica Price recently posted…Fox VisitorsMy Profile

  4. Love these ideas! I was also transfixed by the magic pencil and those TV shows.

    In Thailand we have what is affectionately known as a bum gun next to most loos. It’s basically a pressurized squirting tap for you to squoosh yourself down with after. It doesn’t work for little ones. They just wind up with a moist poopy butt. Or soaked clothes. Or soaked everything from where they had a bum gun fight with their pals. I’m not convinced a bidet would be any more successful.

    Mama, My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows recently posted…Distraction Techniques for a Happier BabyMy Profile

  5. I totally agree and love number4, LP is six and is much the same. He thinks going to the toilet is a waste of time and he’d much rather spend the time playing. That is until he realises he REALLY needs to go. Then it’s a mad dash to the nearest loo!

    All these inventions would come in super handy. I smiled when I read about the pencil – that brought back some memories!

  6. Love this and magic pencil sounds amazing. I would have loved that. I can’t believe our babies are off to school come September. B is literally having his very last nursery day ever Thursday and I am in disbelieve of it all. great post. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Siblings {June}My Profile

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