Pregnancy Diary – Week 27. Getting to grips with gestational diabetes

Pregnancy Diary Week 27

This week has been a bit of a struggle when it comes to learning and trying to control gestational diabetes which I now officially have. It feels very much trial and error right now and its a bit of a crafty thing. You can have a few days where you think you have pretty much clocked it and know what is keeping it under control. Then out of the blue your blood sugars yo-yo and you haven’t done anything different. I DID learn that normal jam is pretty bad though, which is fairly obvious really but as I’d managed to get away with it a previous time I thought it would be ok. I’ve been surrounded by Type 2 diabetes my whole life as I have lots of family members that have had it for years but suddenly finding myself with it I’ve realised how little I paid attention to what I should and shouldn’t be doing.

The funny thing is that at the start of my pregnancy the consultants wanted to monitor me a lot because they were concerned I was having a tiny baby. They are now concerned that any high blood sugar levels may result in a much bigger baby and hence want to keep monitoring me. I’ve been taught how to test myself 4 times a day and keep a diary of it all and the course of treatment may change along the way to keep it all under control. So far, it’ll just be diet controlled. I will then be scanned regularly and, of course, with that comes even more juggling.

A fellow lovely blogger sent me this on gestational diabetes and it’s a good read for anyone learning about it. I am really hoping this is a temporary thing and will magically disappear once the baby comes along.

Little Z has been extremely helpful and very interested in all things to do with my little magic looking machine. He even knows how to assemble it all and watched with great interest as the specialist showed me how to use all the gear. What a wonderful thing the NHS is. I was presented with a huge bag of items to keep me going for a while and a repeat prescription for when I would need to stock up.


The silver lining in all of these appointments is listening to the baby almost weekly. The friendly midwife explained to Little Z what she was doing and he looked slightly confused, as our baby is indeed coming from a shop and he knows its not quite ready. He sat and watched as a microphone looking gadget traced my belly until the heartbeat was found. He looked completely shocked and in awe when he was told that was the baby. Then asked if he could have a baby brother when the midwife asked him what kind of sibling he would like. I can’t wait to take him to the scan next week where he will see the baby for the first time.

I’ve also had a huge panic this week around not being ready for the new baby and the Other Half got the brunt of it down the phone when I shrieked we needed countless trips to buy things! Lots of things!! Even though I didn’t quite know what. We just need THINGS! I definitely need to pull things down from the attic very soon to see what we actually have and what we really need. Then we need to buy. Things! II did eventually calm down after having a bit of a lightbulb moment. I could buy a few “emergency” ultra cute newborn items. Just enough for the hospital trip and first few days. That way I am prepared and I have a bit more time. It’s a perfect solution if you think about it and surely the baby should have a nice new outfit for the first couple of weeks? So I’ve finally started perusing and love these little sleepsuits from Mothercare.


I forgot how very cute it all is and how much of a baby trance you can be pulled into. I will probably have to be dragged out of there once I actually make it into the shop.

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21 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diary – Week 27. Getting to grips with gestational diabetes”

  1. I really hope you manage to keep the diabetes under control. It’s lovely that Z is so interested and knows how to set up the machinery. I hope he enjoys the scan – it will blow his mind!
    Those sleep suits are gorgeous! I would totally want those if I was having a baby. x
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 28.6.15My Profile

  2. Thank you for the link lovely! 🙂 You will be perfectly fine and it sounds like you’ve done your research, it’s definitely trial and error, I kept on thinking I had it cracked and then I’d be completely thrown off by my readings the next day! *sigh*

    The sleepsuits are absolutely gorgeous, don’t worry about anything you’ll get sorted in time, just that nesting instinct kicking in 😉

    Lucy (Hello Beautiful Bear) recently posted…Leaving Home Mini-SeriesMy Profile

  3. Oh I missed your news about GD, sorry to hear that but it does sound like you are being looked after, both by the NHS and Z 🙂 We were monitored a lot with the twins which I quite liked as we got to see them a lot, it is better they keep an eye on you. Love those sleepsuits! Must be time to start buying some cute clothes, look after yourself lovely xx
    Hayley (@hayleyfromhome) recently posted…Living Arrows {26/52}My Profile

  4. Sorry to hear this my lovely. I’m sure you’ll get your head around it soon enough and it will all feel normal. You might even find that once you aren’t eating refined sugar anymore you don’t crave it, and can carry it on after the baby comes. Might end up being a positive (I hope so) HUGS xxx
    Mummy Tries recently posted…Aliens Love Underpants at the Rose TheatreMy Profile

  5. Oh bless you hunny, I haven’t experienced this but glad to know you are supported and know what’s going on. Take care of yourself babes and rest as much as possible. Love those babygrows at the end too. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ #26My Profile

  6. It must be so difficult to resist eating the foods that make your blood sugar levels worse, I know in both my pregnancies I ate a lot more sugar and stodgy stuff than usual as that was what my body craved. Sounds like you are getting to grips with to though! As for the panic to buy things, I would definitely treat yourself to a few really nice bits for your newborn, looking at them will only add to the excitement! x
    Julia @ Rainbeaubelle recently posted…Happy smiles and holidaysMy Profile

  7. Oh it’s a struggle isn’t it? You just think you’re doing well and then it all changes. That’s the nature of the beast unfortunately – the trick is to keep doing your best, and not take it personally when things don’t go according to plan. Easier said than done!

    Hope things progress well in spite of diabetes, and wishing you lots of luck x

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