Baby E at 8 weeks old

Sleep has been scarce this week and I couldn’t understand at first why we’d suddenly gone back to so many feeds.  Eventually, a quick google told me he’s going through a big mental leap where he now recognises patterns and can differentiate regular patterns.  Which explains why he’s been looking at his hands a lot.  It’s very cute.   It’s expected to last around another two weeks so I think we’re going to have a lot more cuddling and frequent wake ups for a bit.

There is a lot of cooing and gurgling and it’s so lovely to see him communicate and smile. You can see his little head turn to follow us as we move about the room. Although, with little Z he tends to give up eventually as his big brother moves at the speed of a bouncing ball most of the time.  His big brother is enjoying being an entertainer but has to be regularly reminded to be gentle and that “he’s just a baby, he doesn’t understand what a light sabre is just yet.”  I think Little Z is desperate to have a Jedi fight with someone and frequently argues “it’s pretend Mummy!” each time I point out the vices of fighting.  Baby E mostly looks bemused at the antics of his big brother whilst Little Z is always slightly disappointed that Baby E doesn’t really do anything fun.   I have no real clue how to juggle two right now and I’m not sure whether I’m doing it right or not.  It feels very much like I’m winging it at the moment.   It will balance itself out soon, hopefully. 

I get the feeling Baby E may be a thumb sucker.  He’s trying very hard to put it into his mouth but just not got it quite right.  Throw in a love of hugging muslins and I think this baby is slowly turning into Linus from Charlie Brown, which would be very cute of course.   It’s just not quite emerged yet so we’re still waiting.  It reminds me I need to go watch the new Peanuts movie with Little Z when it comes out! 

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  1. Gorgeous photo of Baby E – can’t believe he is 8 weeks old already. I remember the feeling of winging it very well – it did eventually get easier but those early days and weeks of adjusting to two children were tough at times.
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