Baby E at 9 weeks old


We’ve hit 9 weeks old this week and something slightly strange has happened.  Usually he’s woken for a feed by normal baby crying which starts off all grizzly at first and gets louder and louder until I’m feeding him.  The last couple of days he’s simply woken up and done some loud baby “shouting” rather than crying.  As Z never did that I’m finding it really strange but it’s so funny to hear, like an angry little man demanding his food impatiently as if he’s annoyed by the crappy milk service being offered at 3am.  It’s definitely nicer than hearing him cry though.  He does love the sound of his own voice right now and will keep coo-ing and calling out.  One time he was so tired his eyes were completely closed and he was still calling out whilst falling asleep all at the same time.  I’m trying to record him doing that again but of course he’s then wide awake staring suspiciously at the strange black device being pointed him constantly. 

My friend said something a few weeks back about how babies will look at you in the most adoring way no matter how you look and never was such a truer word spoken.  Baby E has given me the biggest smiles this week despite me looking like some kind of bag lady tramp with the greasiest hair possibly imaginable.  I’m still very much at the phase of feeling victorious if I fit in a 10 second shower somewhere in the day.  Hair washing is a luxury most days but oh those 10 minutes of freshly dried hair is amazing, right before I have to tie it back up again so the baby doesn’t grab it and eat it!  Despite all the greasiness and zombiness, the Other Half and I recalled how much more relaxed we are this time.  I think it took me over a week to switch a laptop on again when we had Z.  And about 5 months before we left him somewhere.  This time we waited about 6 weeks before we started going out again. 

He’s now a lot less terrified of his big brothers loudness and general clanging about and loves watching him.  His big eyes follow him about the room as best he can, head tilting all angles to get a good view.  Little Z on the other hand always wants to pick his baby sibling up, whether he’s awake or not.   There is a lot of “don’t wake him up” type of reminding going on at the moment.  Coincidentally, Baby E always wakes the few seconds I leave the room with both of them together and Little Z always swears he most definitely and absolutely did not wake him up.  Honest mum. 

I’m hoping the next few weeks brings with it a lot more hair washes and a lot less shocked looks from Little Z each time I look presentable.  “Is it your birthday mummy?” was one such question when I put on a dress last week and did’t just throw on a top with jeggings.  Hmm! 

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  1. Aw, he’s looking so cute. So much fun when they find their voices, isn’t it.

    N’s just the same. When and if I’m in something other than work gear, or jeans, N always tells me how nice I look (if it’s a skirt – like a ballerina dress). Nice to hear even if it is from a 4 year old!
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