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Having had Baby E around the time Little Z started school meant I’ve missed out on quite a few weeks of the school run. I’ve been pretty lucky with a lot of family helping for weeks and so I’ve only just got into it.

I felt a bit awkward stood about like the new girl in the playground wondering whether I should talk to the other parents or just keep my head down and pick up Z and run for it.   

I’ve been somewhat distracted by some of the very sights on my way, like the one above.  I’ve yet to pluck up the courage to get up close to it (and potentially trespass!) and take some more pretty shots.  I may brave it over the next couple of weeks and hope they don’t let any wild dogs loose.  I’ve also spent a bit of time taking those mandatory autumn leaf shots that everyone takes around this time of year.  Golden leaves on the ground, golden leaves on the trees, just pretty golden colours everywhere. I’ve not done the ankle level shot yet, my c section scar doesn’t let me bend down that far without wincing a bit.  I’ve spent the remainder of my time gazing a fair amount of time gazing at a fellow mums city jogger buggy that folds with ONE HAND.  Ooh it is nice.  I have no real memory of what the baby inside or the mum look like at all but the buggy is very very nice.  So it’s fair to say I haven’t really done much chit chat in the playground so didn’t know what the adults or the other children looked like.

Then last week I started doing the afternoon school runs.  The first day was a mini distaster as I tried to get the Quinny out and had a big wrestling match with it in broad daylight as I tried to figure out how to put it altogether.  After resisting temptations to kick it repeatedly I managed to cobble it together and do a grumpy frazzled but successful pick up.  5 minutes later there was more buggy rage as I tried to unsuccessfully collapse it and the urge to abandon it, albeit it for a millisecond, was pretty strong.  I was saved by a quick Google of “how to collapse a Quinny” with a bemused woman looking on.  Obviously I should have given it a bit of a practice at home but having used it for 2 whole years previously with Z I thought I had it down to a tee.  

The next day I attempted the sling. I’m not a natural baby wearer so the first time was more than a bit daunting as I tried to put a squirming E into it.  We did it though and E dozed off after a defiant cry of not wanting to be in it at all. 

I was suddenly surrounded by 3 other mums and one tiny smiley child, each congratulating me on the new baby and cooing over the sleeping little boy inside.  And it’s been the same every day since with even Zs dinner ladies wanting a regular peek.  I now know who owns which child Z plays with and who the very broody parents are. E is oblivious to the attention and enjoys the mini snooze before we pile back into the car. 

So that’s how you make friends on the school run. 

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22 thoughts on “How to make friends on the school run”

  1. I so remember this feeling when I had A. We had been at the school for a few months though so it was a bit easier, but the whole pram thing is tricky, especially when you’re in a rush. I never took to baby wearing I’m afraid but it is easier on school runs, a couple of mums at A’s school do it and it makes so much sense. It sounds like you are settling into a routine which is great.
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…You may see a childMy Profile

  2. A stay at home dad such as myself faces some particular challenges socialising in the playground. I do, however, take your point. I should have borrowed someone else’s new born and walked into the playground wearing a carrier. Such an obvious idea. Why didn’t I think of it? Anyway, as for the house, maybe knock on the door and ask if you can take a pic? #MySundayphoto
    John Adams recently posted…β€œDaddy, there’s a lizard in the garden.”My Profile

  3. i have to say when i see a new baby on the school run it does help to start up a conversation. well done for braving it and the quinney- we had one with Burton and it was always tricky to put up and collapse. mind you the next buggy was no better lol x
    Jenny Paulin recently posted…Project 365, 2014. Week 45My Profile

  4. Hehe!! This brought back memories of wrestling with my “transport system” 12 years ago, while panicking about making the school bell and wincing at my c section pulling – bless you, I hope you master it soon. There really is nothing like a newborn to start the conversation in the playground. That is a lovely place to pass each day too xx
    Lisa@intotheglade recently posted…My Sunday Photo!My Profile

  5. Haha, this has made me laugh. Funnily enough I haven’t had any trouble making friends outside school as I have two parent magnets…I find I just have to smile and talk about twins and conversation comes easy enough! I bet you’ll have a lot more attention as little E gets older too!
    Hayley (@hayleyfromhome) recently posted…My Family Photo MemoriesMy Profile

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