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It feels like a bit of a strange November. This time last year we were going through IVF.  It was a weird, intense kind of time.  The days were literally dark, creeping up to winter.  Each day started very early with different jabs, scans and appointments with the consultant to monitor progress and the next step in the treatment.   The next 3 weeks would bring meetings with the embryologist and IVF specialists.  About 10 days later we would find this cycle didn’t work for us.  A failed attempt at IVF brings with it a whole raft of other feelings. The money spent, the uncertain future, the quandary of whether or not to have another attempt.  

By this time last year we’d had enough of the emotional rollercoaster, and whilst we hadn’t given up completely, we did need a break from it all emotionally.  So a trip to Mauritius was booked and a will to try to have a new year, new start, as much as was possible.   That led me to take a completely new role at work, one that looked a bit of a challenge.  In hindsight it may have been the massive distraction that was needed.

The new year would bring the biggest surprise ever for us and, a good few weeks after that I would tell my wonderful boss about how I would need to go on maternity leave around September or October, I wasn’t too sure at that stage.  He nearly fell off his chair.  It was a good year though.  That new challenge I took shaped itself into one of the best places I’d worked in recent times.  

We went on our holiday and enjoyed a very sunny and delicious time taking it all in before life changed all over again.  We kept Little Z heavily involved every step of the way, even buying a huge penguin as a present for him from his baby sibling as he’d asked for a penguin almost every single week.

A year on from that time we have another little boy. I’m not sure I’ll ever not think it’s amazing that it happened.  A year on from that time I finally wrote a Thank you email to the consultant and nurse that helped us through it all.  It felt a bit premature to do it whilst I was pregnant.  

A year on from that time we’re moving that bloomin penguin about from place to place as Little Z is more fascinated with his little brother than this stuffed bird. A year on from that time things are so different.  

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