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When I was little, one of the big things I really really wanted was a beautiful working oven toy. A nice big red one, not a pink one, because red was my most favourite colour in the world. My parents got me a huge kitchen set and it had sink, an oven and little shelves. It was all very plastic fantastic and had a very bright yellow hob. But it didn’t have a working oven. I was always secretly slightly disappointed at that. I couldn’t understand why toy companies wouldn’t allow an 7 year old to own a fully functioning gas oven, what use was a pretend oven? I mean, what could possibly go wrong? I made my peace with the pretend oven eventually and moved onto Star Wars toys, typewriters and, eventually an amazing Commodore 64 where I’d wait patiently for 45 minutes or so to play Bomb Jack. These are some of my most favourite memories when it comes to playing with toys as a child.

These days I relive a lot of my childhood through Little Z’s toys. Things have moved on quite a lot and, in some ways, have stayed the same. There are still the same classical kitchen sets and dolls houses and there and a whole host of brand new trends and toys to go with it. If I had to pick a kitchen set now it would probably be this. How lovely and red is that!

Red Kitchen AsdaIt would be something I could probably play with for a while, just to test it out of course. Little Z would want to play on it for hours, practising making cups of pretend tea and playing with the oven that will have to function on imagination.

George at Asda have a huge toy selection of such toys, all selected to feed the imagination and crafted to provide fun to both little and big kids. They are giving away a £60 voucher to one lucky winner to spend on a toy of their choice. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment below telling me what your favourite childhood toy was.

You can also build up some optional bonus entries by selecting the other options on the Gleam form. The giveaway will end on the 4th December at 11pm afterwhich a winner will be chosen at random. Please note, this giveaway is only open to those living in the UK. Good luck!

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333 thoughts on “Win Toys worth £60 with George At Asda”

  1. My ZX Spectrum or my Flower Fairies! lol. I was either playing Treasure Hunt Dizzy (and waiting over 20 minutes for it to load up!) or cutting the hair of my flower fairies! x This is a gorgeous play kitchen, looks nicer than my real kitchen lol 🙂 x

  2. My favourite childhood toy was my Cozy Coupe! I used to go up and down the driveway of my parents’ house, pretending I was zooming down a massive hill at 1000 miles an hour and I was so fast that noone could catch me. And my sister and next door neighbour would take it in turns running while pushing the car, then would belly-flop/jump on the roof and “fly”.
    Best you ever!

  3. My baby born and this beautiful pram my Nan bought for me, my sister had matching one and we would spend hours taking our babies walks around the block and choosing names for our babies – so much fun!

  4. my favourite toy didnt below to me it belonged to my big brother and it was his star wars millenium falcon and star wars figures. I was banned from his room and touching his things (he’s 7 years older than me) so I would wait for him to go out and sneak in to play with them and have epic battles….I would never have been found out if I didnt accidently break Luke’s sabre off 🙁
    eloise mccarthy recently posted…+ 365 days 311 – 320My Profile

  5. A red ride on tractor with only three wheels, I loved it! I used to pretend it was my car or the school bus….Oh I had a great imagination 🙂

  6. When I was a young child my favourite present ever was a roll top desk an chair.The desk had a cupboard that locked and the seat was a wooden chair with a red top which opened for storage underneath.I suppose that it may seem very basic now but this was fifty years ago and I still remember it fondly x

  7. A little robot dog that barked and did backflips. The batteries leaked and it ‘died’, I’ve never got over it really!

  8. Matchbox cars. First day of the summer holiday the dining room would be converted into a thriving busting own. Houses made of Lego, Matchbox cars by the hundred and an electric train set with a farm and zoo chucked in. Great times

  9. My favourite toy was a doll that was the same size as me that I called Tina. I dragged it around everywhere and talked to it like she was another person

  10. A glow up kitty – i was scared of the dark, so my mother bought me this kitty. When I was scared, I would press her tummy and her cheeks would glow red. I’m 28 years old and I’m still afraid oft he dark!

  11. As ridiculous as it sounds I loved playing with cardboard boxes and using my imagination, my children follow in my footsteps though I did love my Tiny Tears Doll!

  12. Would love my Colouring books and felt tip pens , Had one Barbie with brown hair, my sister had a blonde Barbie was so jealous lol x

  13. A Rubik’s cube, which after endless attempts to complete I took it apart and put it back together completed. Cheating I know!!!!

  14. My favourite childhood toy was my giant box of marbles. My brother and I pooled our resources and had around 2000 marbles.

  15. I loved my doll Sarah. She came everywhere with me I loved her so much! I’d have loved this as a child too but we neverhad big presents.

    I would be literally buzzing to win this for my daughter. She’s wanted a kitchen for ages and we’ve been planning to buy this particular one which we showed her and she loved. Imagine my huge disappointment to discover that when we had enough money to buy it, it was no longer available to buy. Gutted! Where else can you buy such a nice wooden kitchen at that price. This is a fantastic product! X

  16. I loved My Little Ponys, I had so many of them and then my little sister cut off their hair!! I was devastated, my children love Peppa Pig so I must confess I am quite partial to getting out the playsets with them and having fun!
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  17. had to be Snakes and Ladders, when I was really small, I saved it for years until it literally fell apart, grand memories of childhood!

  18. My Tressy doll, you could pull her hair to make it grow and then insert a key to wind it back in if you wanted her to have short hair. As you may have guessed the key went missing so long hair it was!

  19. When I was 5 my grandma bought me a white teddy with blue eyes and I took it everywhere. I still have it 43 years later! (not so white and a chewed off nose!)

  20. I had this dog called scamps that barked when you walked it! I’m sure it was annoying for everyone else but I just loved walking it up and down the hall over and over and over

  21. fisher price treehouse…………the fb option on you rafflecopter isnt showing fully….i have liked on fb anyway though

  22. Had to be my dapple grey Rocking horse, I was heartbroken when, at age 14, I came home only to find my mum had given ‘Rocky’ away because I had a real live pony. I still loved my Rocky!

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