Happy 7th Birthday Little Z

Our biggest man little Z has turned the grand old age of 7 today. He’s been desperate to be a whole year older for a good few months now as his best friend was beating him. I can’t believe how 7 years have flown by so quickly and how he’s edging closer to 10. It really has gone by in a big blur but it’s been lovely to watch him grow up and mature this past year and discover more about the world. He’s inquisitive and just does not stop nattering, even when no ones talking to him. I can see a lot of myself in him and I know he’s pretty much a clone of me. It would have been quite a spooky replica if he was a girl I think! I just love that he loves going on holiday to see new places. He is definitely his mummy’s son.

I’m a tiny bit paranoid he’s hitting the tween stage a bit early. We have drama and sulks and little emotional moments in between and that’s definitely a new thing this last year. I think it’s partially maybe hormones and partially him finding his way in the world of 6 and 7 year olds and learning little life lessons such as not being invited to every single party a classmate might have, or having to make a decision between a big birthday present or a medium present and birthday party. This year he’s gone for “a big present” and we celebrated as a little family without any big party stress and it’s been just lovely and perfect. A party is just as much fun but it’s been nice not having to think about anybody else one this occasion.

I think the nicest thing about Little Z this year has been the sheer amount of patience he has with his little brother. The toddler is at the “grab everything / it’s mine” stage and that can be exhausting for adults, let alone children. Little Z has somehow found it within him to be (mostly) laid back about everything and it’s made such a difference to those potentially sibling meltdown moments that come with the territory. Of course there are times when he doesn’t want to be patient but ultimately he is an adored mentor to the little hurricane brother and I think that’s why our toddler thrives so happily around his big brother.

Happy Birthday our biggest little man.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! Isaac turned 10 a couple of weeks ago and we can’t believe it either – only with him it feels like he has hit his teens prematurely.

    Happy birthday, Z!

  2. Happy birthday Z! You are describing what life has been like with our eldest for the past year. Finding her way in the world and an increase in sulks etc. Many happy times too though. He is definitely growing up though, looks much more mature in this image.

  3. Hi Taz, Happy Birthday to your boy! What a genius idea letting him choose a medium present and a party or a big present, that’s one way of making them stop and think about what’s important to them… My daughter always seemed to be very much like me rather than her Dad, but over the last year or so she’s started to show more family traits from her Dads side to the extent that she is very much her Fathers daughter!

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  4. Happy birthday, Z! What a lovely post, it sounds like he’s really grown up over the last year. It’s amazing how patient he is with his little brother. You must be so proud of him, there can’t be many kids who are that tolerant.
    There is a similar age gap between them to the gap between my eldest and my daughter and they drive each other (and me!) mad constantly. I guess having a brother in between means the dynamics are very different.
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  5. Happy birthday Z. He sounds like a generally laid back happy soul. N is similar though with getting uppity about things other kids have or haven’t done. Thankfully though, at our school, party invited are done discreetly by parents when not all kids are invited.

  6. Aw happy birthday to him!! It is a funny age, A is a year older and I have definitely seen a difference in her attitude this year, it is scary how quickly they are all growing up! I hope he had a lovely day

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! It must be so exciting and fantastic to have your birthday before Christmas with all the decorations, lights and celebrations. Like it’s all part of your Birthday celebrations! Enjoy!

  8. Belated Happy birthday wee Z. What a happy wee soul he is. There is so much pressure on the party front, we haven’t done them for a few years. Just a family one. Sounds lovely hon xx

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