Where’s my snow?

After trying countless posts over the years about how we get SO much snow where we live, I was fully expecting to wake up with everything looking like a fabulous winter wonderland and getting ready to build our very first snowman of the year. It was going to be double special as it would be the first time our toddler will have seen inches of soft snow that we could all then chuck about and have a nice snowball fight in. So I was a bit baffled when we woke to about 2mm of it. Enough to panic drivers on the non gritted roads and have them move about in slow motion, but not enough to play in. Bah! We’re forecast “more” tomorrow so let’s see what brings.

How is December always a bit of a blur? We’re already a third of the way through, I have so much to do at work still, Zs birthday is just around the corner and then it’s time to down tools to watch too many Christmas movies. I guess it feels hectic as we try to get a months worth of everything done in 3 weeks. That last week doesn’t really count as it’s reserved for all the festivities and holiday time. I….cannot…wait!

I did manage to have an unexpected day off this week and so pottered about Trafford centre and ate food, which is always a brilliant thing to do when you don’t have to think about the kiddies. I seem to have forgotten to do this at some point in the year, mainly as the toddler doesn’t let me still for too long, but I fully on making it one of my New Years resolutions.

16 thoughts on “Where’s my snow?”

  1. Oh I need to try and make that one of my New Years resolutions too, I haven’t done it at all since having Jack and he’s 2 in Jan. We’ve only just got snow this morning (lots of it) and loving it!

  2. That looks delicious! I think we should all take a bit of time for ourselves every now and then. I rarely do it, but whenever I do, I feel really refreshed.
    Hope you get your snow, your snowman and your snowball fight! It’s just started snowing here today. There’s supposed to be quite a lot, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 10.12.17My Profile

  3. Oh I hear you. I didn’t get any either. So even coming to scotland wouldn’t have helped. That egg looks lovely and I’m don’t even eat them. Sounds like a good week though lovely x

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