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Welcome to my Blog!

There I was, a brand new mum back in 2010, with a 2 week old Little Z, absolutely exhausted. I’d realised I had give birth to a little night owl and all I wanted to do was sleeeeeep! It was then I discovered blogs. I was scrolling through Twitter about 2am chatting to all the other mums out there in the universe who were also up with their babies and there was this brilliant blogging community out there. I was hooked! I’d read them and laugh and empathise and eventually, when Little Z was about 5 months old I started one of my own. 5 years later I now have two gorgeous little boys known on the blog as Little Z (Aged 5) and Baby E (9 months old).

You can read my very first blog post right here. It’s aptly named “Finally, a blog!”


Who Am I?

My name is Tas and I live in the North West of England. I work part time in IT and secretly love reliving my entire childhood through Little Z. I love food but not cooking and am a big fan of comfort food (although I do try to be good else I’d be the size of a house!). I also love dreaming about holidays and you can regularly find me badgering the OH about my latest idea. I mostly like to spend time with my little family and friends and prefer nattering over a nice meal to staying out late these days. Of course this means I should probably invest in a pipe and some slippers. I have to admit I’m a bit of a blog addict and love writing about my sons, travels and all things in between.



Nemo and Captain American, poolside in Turkey

Who is Little Z?

Little Z is my 5 year old son who loves nothing more than seeing play time in absolutely everything. He has just entered the world of school and education and its a big change for us all. Who the heck introduced phonics and whe did this happen? It’s all very new but I am glad to say he is now loving it. He loves to run, jump, attempt to leap off things, cars and jigsaws. Our house is slowly being taken over by all his toys and books. We’re going to have to sell furniture soon to make more space for him and his little brothers stuff. He is now at the stage where is trying to be cool and is 5 going on 15. He slips up with the cuteness a lot though, thankfully! He also adores his baby brother and will always try to join in all the new things that the baby discovers.


Baby E
Baby E was born in 2015 and has just discovered crawling. I completely forgot how moving babies get into absolutely everything and into every little nook and cranny that you didn’t even realise you had in a room. We now spend most of our day taking things out of his mouth, putting things out of reach and trying to stop him from escaping. Oh and he is trying to cruise furniture now. Uh oh.


And my Blog name?

Well, when I first started maternity leave I was under some mad illusion that it would be a year off work. After the 3rd month of broken, disturbed and very little sleep I realised that this was definitely Not My Year Off. I decided I would continue to write under this blog name once my maternity leave finished, mainly because I’m too lazy to start another blog and partly because it’s all where I want it. I’m now back at work on a part time basis and god…it doesn’t feel like part time!

Tas From “Not My Year Off”.



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