I guess we all find that we spend a lot less quality one on one time with our second child than we do our first born. Everything the second time has to be shared and… View Full Post

Our littlest man turns 3 on Monday and we’ve spent the weekend eating a lot of cake and celebrating his birthday. If the weather holds then I think we might hit some big fields for… View Full Post

Do you ever wonder what the heck you’ve done this week? Mainly as you can’t remember any of it? You look through your photos, convinced you’ve not taken any, and then realise your first born… View Full Post

We’ve been back from Scotland a good few days now and I still haven’t written anything up on the blog properly. I really really will do it as the journey around more of the highlands… View Full Post

We’re back in Scotland! A bit by last minute chance more than anything. We were looking to go away for a few days in England but everything was either extortionately priced, or was was fully… View Full Post

The boys love noodles. A lot! They’re obviously not the easiest of foods for children to eat, but it seems to be a favourite in our house. Having a long summer holiday, plus work to… View Full Post

We spent last weekend doing the very impressive bee trail in Manchester. There are about 100 giant bees decorated by artists and 130 smaller bees decorated by schools so it’s quite a large trail that… View Full Post

Remember when you were 10 years old and your much older cousin had a cute fat baby boy? I remember bouncing that cute fat baby boy on my knee and carrying him around the room… View Full Post