Last week was one of my favourite blogging events…BlogOn. It’s held up in the north west and such a brilliant conference to learn and grow your blog, not that I’ve blogged all that well this… View Full Post

Doesn’t the sun make a massive difference? Is this why people in tropical countries just look so chilled all the time? It’s been just as busy as any other week, and possibly even busier, but… View Full Post

It’s been a loooong loong week. I’m pretty sure I say that most weeks but this has had multiple funerals in it, which was a bit draining. It’s funny how sometimes they come along like… View Full Post

The sun is out (hooray!!), for all of about two days (boo!), but we’ve been making the most of it and trying to cram in lots of trips out in the sunshine after work. It… View Full Post

After our good few days in Scotland, we all hit the ground running back to school and work. Our holidays are a bit different in these parts and we’ve already been back to school for… View Full Post

It’s been a long and very lovely week of lots of driving through the Scottish lowlands and highlands. I don’t think you can ever get bored with driving about discovering all of its stunning scenery… View Full Post

We’re in Scotland!! We’ve been here a couple of days and we’re here for another two just exploring Argyll and, hopefully, Loch Ness tomorrow. We spent a couple of days in Edinburgh mostly pottering about… View Full Post

Many years ago, when I was 8 years old, my mum and dad took us out of school for 3 months to see the majestic sights of India. It was mostly amazing, all that colour… View Full Post