Baby E has hit the 7 months old mark and suddenly found that he can scream the house down.  From the moment he gets up he treats our ears to continous screeching throughout the day.… View Full Post

  It’s giveaway time on the blog! Back when we first started the weaning process I bought Annabel Karmels book. I remember regularly referring to the feeding guide just to make sure I was giving… View Full Post

“/> Kate’s Top 5 on Listography this week are search terms. I love looking at these on my blog (ok, I know that’s sad) but it’s amusing, and sometimes surprising, to see what people sit… View Full Post

This week the theme for the Listography is Things I want to do this Summer, guest hosted by the Reluctant Housedad whilst Kate Takes 5 takes a break. There are LOADS of things I would love… View Full Post

I think I’m starting to get a bit confused with the “building up” of food and drink for the baby.  Maybe its information overload or worrying unecessarily but I think I may be after some… View Full Post

I’ve linked up to Flashback Friday. I started weaning Baby Z about May last year and it was very interesting at first… Well, we’ve been weaning for about 4 weeks now. I’m still no expert… View Full Post

Hello Baby, Well better late than never I suppose. I actually meant to do one of these every month. A monthly record of stuff you now do and little (and big) milestones achieved. I kind… View Full Post